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Gynecology Services

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The Center for Family Care at Florida Hospital provides a comprehensive range of gynecological services for woman of all ages. Working together, the women’s health team delivers care in a comfortable, patient-centered environment that takes emotional and spiritual well-being into account.

Some women only see the gynecologist for annual well-woman exams, which are important for overall health and early detection of underlying gynecologic conditions. During these appointments, cervical cancer screenings, vaccinations and detection of sexually transmitted infections are included, as appropriate. In addition, family planning strategies may be discussed.

For patients who do not wish to become pregnant, the many birth control options are reviewed to determine which ones are most appropriate for overall health and lifestyle preferences. When patients do wish to become pregnant, the gynecologist will review strategies for conception, as well as make appropriate recommendations for an obstetrician to manage her pregnancy when the time is right. For optimal continuity of care, the Center for Family Care also offers obstetric services, making the patient’s transition seamless. The center’s gynecologists also help women navigate the process of menopause, providing important education and counseling so they’ll know what to anticipate every step of the way. They’ll also work to ease the symptoms of menopause through medication and other treatments options.

The women’s health team also performs various gynecologic procedures and surgeries such as:

To learn more about gynecology services at the Center for Family Care at Florida Hospital, call 407.303.6830 or request an appointment online.